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IoT-Based Industrial Solution Development and Commercialization
Our R&D of IoT and BigData, is enabling the development of new products
and solutions to maximize the effectiveness of our lives and our industry.

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Vinetech Enterprise Institute

U-Vine Lab

U-Vine Lab was established with the aim of developing superior solutions that combine market-leading technologies.
Through ongoing technical research, U-Vine lab continues the quest for new solutions with which we will gain a competitive edge over other countries.

R&D field

  • Industrial IoT Platform and Software Solution Projects
  • National and Internal R&D Projects
  • Joint Research with external organizations (Forums, Research Associations, Consortia, etc)
  • Study for Patents and Certification
  • New Business Model and Solution Planning

IoT Platform & Solution Product Development

With our long experience in server, storage, and network systems, Vinetech has been providing HPC/Grid integration and system management solutions for enterprise and small to medium sized companies. Through our mature technical capability, we are developing Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions from IT and ICT technologies.
Recent IT environments require a range of technologies like cloud, IoT, BigData and so on. The proper usage and application of these technologies is indispensable for all industries.
Vinetech also provides and supports these advanced and latest technologies based on the experience of the development of national and internal projects.

Core Technology

  • Management and Monitoring System Dashboard

  • Data CollectionAPI

  • Data AnalysisManagement Technology

  • Web / MobileUI / UX

  • IoT DevicesOperation

  • Network Management Technology

  • Security / Access Control

  • External Technical Recourses


Operating System, WAS, Database, Communication Protocol, Network

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Industrial IoT Platform

Industrial Internet of ThingsNetwork-Connected Solution & Service

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT - sometimes called the Internet of Everything) is the network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity, which enables objects to exchange data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. The IoT allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration between the physical world and computer-based systems, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. Soon, we might imagine, a flowerpot can say ‘I’m thirsty’ to its owner via twitter. Developers need effective environments to create fluency, to advance IoT services, and for faster deployment into the real world.

U-Vine Lab is developing such an environment as a platform, which will be the main component engine for a global IoT eco-system.

U-Vine Lab’s main projects

Web UI & Mobile App development
Sensor based
IoT devices development
IoT data collection and
back-end server platform development
IoT automation and
control engine development
IoT Management and Monitoring development

IoT Application in Market

IoT Life at Home

Development ProjectsSensors and Network, Application and Platform Converged
IoT Development Projects

IoT - Air Quality Management Project

Sensing and automated control for indoor air quality (temperature, humidity, particles, VOCs)

IoT – Car Air Quality Management Project

Sensing and automated control for car air quality (temperature, humidity, particles, VOCs)

IoT – Smart Plug

Energy saving technology with sensor electric power and control

IoT – Smart Lighting

User remote-controlled Smart lighting to match the user’s lifestyle

IoT – Building Energy Management Project

Energy saving project for automated control of air conditioning and heating devices

Platform – Building Energy Management Platform Project

Data collection and automation engine platform for indoor environment data and automated control systems

Platform – Datacenter Facility Management System

IT datacenter facility management system for monitoring internal environments

IoT – Healthcare / Patients Management Project

Monitoring solutions for location and event recognition for disabled people with low-power wearable IoT devices

Platform – Smart Watering Device & Platform

Automated watering devices and platform with sensors for large flowerpots (Plants)

Platform – Smart Traditional Market Platform

Traditional market R&D platform project for wearable devices

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National Projects

Subject Name
Real-time location monitoring system with radio communication and 3D GIS information for security, convenience, healthcare services for people using electronic health devices
Development Goals
  • Prevention of disappearance, accident, dan-ger, for dementia patients, children
  • Delivery of care service with real-time location data and activity analysis
  • Study of application method, algorithms and target (people using electronic health devices)
  • Integrated BigData Platform and Solutions service development
  • Hybrid Web/Mobile Monitoring system development
2014 Dec ~ 2016 Nov

R&D Project for Ministry of Trade, Industry and EnergyReal-time location monitoring systems with radio communication and 3D GIS information

관제시스템 도식
Subject Name
Study for effective action or handling of Harmful Chemical Leakage Accidents
Development Goals
  • Web 3.0 Smart Social, disaster prevention platform using latest ICT technology
  • Technology for the diagnosis, estimation, forecast for Chemical substances, and high-tech disaster prevention
  • Mobile disaster prevention system and eco-system for industrial complexes, based on chemicals and their lifecycles
  • Collective Intelligence based Monitoring Platform for Harmful Chemical leakage Accidents
  • Mobile and web applications for smart disaster prevention
  • Participation, open, shared ‘Smart social disaster prevention system’
2014 May ~2017 Apr

R&D Project for Ministry of Public SafetyCollective Intelligence based Monitoring Platform for Harmful Chemical Leakage Accidents

사물지능 방재센서 플랫폼
Subject Name
Mental support modeling development for mental health disaster support
Development Goals
  • Mental Support modeling DB development and Public (local) Depression Psychological Epidemiology
  • Web 3.0 development of psychological support model for types of Korean disaster
  • Disaster psychology expert and psychological counseling center, therapist disaster psychological consultation process development
  • Location-based Smart contents-sharing system for communication between disaster victims and counseling center
  • Web 3.0 Disaster Psychological Types DB Construction
2014 May ~ 2015 Apr

R&D Project for Ministry of Public SafetyWeb 2.0 & Mobile system for mental health disaster support

관제시스템 도식
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인증 및 연구협력

Patent & Certification

To survive in the global competitive environment, technical assets and property are essential and patenting and certification management is most important for the future of the business. U-Vine Lab has been working to obtain and secure these intellectual properties.

Enterprise Institute establishment (2005.12) / New patent registration (2014.04) / Inno-biz company certification (2014.12)

  • 특허등록증Patent certificates
  • 이노비즈기업 인증서Inno-biz company certification
  • 기업부설연구소 인정서Certification of enterprise institute
  • 소프트웨어사업자 신고확인서Registration of Software business company
  • 직접생산확인증명서Certification of Immediate production
  • 중기업확인서Confirmation of Mid-Size Business company
  • 연구조합가입증명서Membership Certificate of NICE R&D Partnership
  • 공동업무협약서(가천대학교)MOU with Gacheon University
  • 공동업무협약서(한양대학교)MOU with HanYang University
  • 공동업무협약서(의왕시청)MOU with Ui-Wang City
  • 공동업무협약서(FlyingLoft)MOU with FlyingLoft